The benefits of fire rated hoardings and how they work

Fire rated hoardings have an essential role to play in the construction process, providing safe separation between members of the public and works. The use of these structures can enable works to be carried out in public spaces with minimal disruption and in a way that manages all the potential safety risks. Fire rated hoardings are incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide range of spaces to provide essential infrastructure across a broad selection of projects, from transport works to construction sites. There are many benefits to using fire rated hoardings for any project.

How do fire rated hoardings work?

Fire rated hoardings are a great tool for shops, businesses or public infrastructure where the general public has access and there is a need to carry out works. That may be, for example, sectioning off a part of an underground station where repairs or improvements are being carried out, or providing protection during an internal re-fit of a retail store. Hoardings provide options for organising a space without any preparatory work required beforehand, ensuring that this doesn’t result in any delays. The result is protection for both the business and the public during a period of construction or works.

The benefits of fire rated hoardings

Speed of installation

Fire rated hoardings are simple and fast to install and can be added to a project at short notice. They don’t require a lot of materials or labour to install and are much quicker and easier than other options.

Modular properties

As fire rated hoardings tend to be modular they can be adjusted to fit the space for which they are required. The modular design gives the hoardings a versatility and the flexibility to adapt to the project.


Construction works or a re-fit can create unattractive mess and disruption and may put off customers or members of the public from being in the area until the project is complete. The use of fire rated hoardings provides a clean and simple aesthetic finish that looks professional and helps to minimise the disruption to a particular area by closing off all the works in progress behind the hoarding walls.

Reducing the risk of fire

Non-fire rated hoardings can increase the risk of fire, particularly where certain works are concerned. However, the way that fire rated hoardings are designed and constructed means they are not a fire risk. In fact, thanks to the fire ratings and non-combustibility of the materials involved, fire rated hoardings are especially suitable for high-fire-risk locations.

Fire rated hoardings are an essential element in construction today, to improve organisation and reduce risks. If you’d like to discuss your options for an upcoming project, please get in touch with Hillmoore Fire Protection Ltd today on +44 (0)1628 890122.

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