What can a fire protection survey tell you about safety at your premises?

The UK has many different pieces of legislation relating to fire but perhaps one of the most crucial is the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (RRFSO). It was this Order that was designed to simplify the requirements for fire safety and to ensure that these were clear and unambiguous. The RRFSO sets out that non-domestic premises in the UK must be assessed regularly to ensure that the fire protection in place is adequate for the building. Crucially, the RRFSO also requires that the fire protection in place retains the ability to resist fire throughout its lifetime.

How a fire protection survey can help

A fire protection survey is essential for non-residential buildings to ensure that the infrastructure in place is compliant with this legislation. If you don’t regularly take the time to check that you have adequate protection in place then you’ll have no way of knowing how the building will respond in the event that there is a fire – and that could potentially have tragic consequences. A regular fire protection survey will enable your business to establish a number of key insights when it comes to safety at your premises, including:

  • The level of compliance with UK fire safety legislation.
  • Whether your premises have adequate fire protection in place, including critical passive fire protection such as fire doors and paneling.
  • The level of fire safety that is being maintained on an ongoing basis and whether the initial fire protection implemented in the building has been diminished or degraded over time.
  • What kind of steps need to be taken to bring the building back up to minimum standards to ensure the safety of those in the building, as well as compliance with the law.

Why is a regular fire protection survey so essential?

One of the key insights you will get from a fire protection survey is whether the protection you have in place is still effective. What many people don’t realise is that investment in fire protection can be significantly eroded after it has been installed. For example, subsequent work carried out in the building may damage existing fire protection and render it inefficient. You may, unknowingly, have fire protection in place that has not been properly installed and, as a result is completely redundant. For example, if the intumescent strips or glazing on a fire door have not been correctly installed, then the performance of that fire door will be compromised. A site survey will be essential to ensure that you have adequate protection in place – and that what you’ve invested in has been properly installed and still works.

A fire protection survey will give you a full picture of everything in the building that could be used to control the spread of fire, from fire doors, paneling and compartment lines to service penetrations. It is an essential health and safety measure that will also ensure complete peace of mind when it comes to risk management and preparation. If you’d like to find out more about a fire protection survey for your business, please get in touch with Hillmoore Fire today.

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