What can we learn from Fire Door Safety Week 2018?

Fire doors are an essential component in fire protection in every building, whether domestic or commercial. They could be the difference between a contained fire and one that spreads to do untold damage. That’s why this year Fire Door Safety Week is designed to raise awareness of just how important these structures are and what they can add to the fire protection system of a building.

What’s the purpose of Fire Door Safety Week 2018?

The main purpose is to raise awareness of just how important fire doors are to personal safety. The presence of these doors, and the condition that they are in, could have a big impact on the life or death of the human occupants of a building. There is also a focus on common problems that can affect fire doors, such as poor installation – if the door has not been properly installed then it may not perform as it should if there is ever a fire. Fire Door Safety Week combines the efforts of the British Woodworking Federation, BWF-CERTIFIRE Scheme and Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS), shining a spotlight on the work that each has done to try to ensure that fire doors are always fit for purpose and properly looked after.

What can we learn from Fire Door Safety Week 2018?

  • Every building needs fire doors. The presence of a fire door could make a difference between life and death. Fire doors are often not fully appreciated until there is a situation in which they are used.
  • Just because there is a fire door installed doesn’t mean it works properly. There could be many reasons why a fire door doesn’t do its job – this is part of a building’s fire protection system that needs to be property installed and maintained. One of the reasons behind Fire Door Safety Week is to get building owners to appreciate the need for proper installation of fire doors – using a qualified professional will ensure that the fire door is fit for purpose.
  • Obligations relating to fire doors are ongoing. Like many other fire protection systems, the operation and condition of a fire door needs to be regularly checked. This is also a job that falls to building owners – where there is an issue this needs to be efficiently reported.
  • Everyone can get involved where fire doors are concerned. Although it’s the responsibility of building owners to ensure that fire doors are well maintained and fully operational, anyone using the building can play a part in this process. One thing we can learn from Fire Door Safety Week is that everyone in the building is affected by the effectiveness of fire doors and so everyone has an interest in reporting any problems. Building owners can help turn anyone using the building into part of the fire door team by providing the right information and/or training.

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