Why is accreditation important when relying on a fire protection company?

Third party accreditation provides an objective assessment that you can rely on. When you’re dealing with a fire protection company it’s important to look for this kind of accreditation so that you know that the products, people and systems are made, trained and installed to a certain standard. Accreditation will give you peace of mind and also value for money, and you’ll be able to avoid poor investment in a solution that doesn’t deliver.

What is accreditation?

It’s an independent way of assessing a product, person, process or management system that establishes that specific requirements have been met. Those requirements could be in a scheme document or BS / EN / ISO Standard. It’s different to claims or marketing by a business or manufacturer, as it involves objective independent assessment by a certified body.

Why is accreditation so important?

Independent third party certifier schemes are crucial when you’re dealing with a fire protection company whose skills, experience and materials could one day be responsible for saving lives. These are just a few of the reasons why accreditation is so important:

An assurance of quality

If the fire protection company is accredited then certain quality standards will be met. These will usually be the standards that have been defined by/for the industry as a necessary indication of quality and performance.

The right installation

Fire protection materials require the right kind of installation, as well as adequate testing, in order to meet claims and expectations as to performance and quality. Working with an accredited fire protection company means that installation will be to the desired standard and fire protection materials will be effective to their full potential.

Checks and balances

Working with an accredited fire protection company means that there are checks and balances in place to ensure that installation and testing are properly carried out. So, for example, there will be a third party inspection to ensure that the works have been completed correctly.

More transparency

Requirements to keep records and meet transparency standards mean that you’ll be able to see a chain of traceability for your installed system via various independent means, such as audits and company records.

Expertly trained staff

Key to the effectiveness of any installation will be the level of training that staff receive and the experience and skills that they have. When you’re working with an accredited business, everyone on site – from engineers to managers – has been properly and expertly trained.

Correct handling of materials

There is no guesswork involved for an accredited fire protection company – the right thickness of materials, installation requirements and testing of materials used will all have been carried out, giving you total peace of mind about the installation.

Certificate of Conformity

Once the project reaches the point of completion you get a third party Certificate of Conformity for the installation.

We are accredited by a number of different industry and professional bodies, from the Association for Specialist Fire Protection to FIRAS, run by Warrington Fire Research Station, which is the largest running and most recognised independent third party certifier scheme for passive fire protection installation in the UK. We are specialists in passive fire protection – contact us to discuss your needs.

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