How are Hillmoore Fire taking steps to creating a greener business?

As far back as 2012 the UK government began trying to encourage businesses to start managing the impact that they were having on the environment. Although some industries (such as agriculture) have more of an environmental effect than others, companies across every sector contribute in some way towards environmental degradation. Which means that every business can also take steps to reduce the impact that it has by becoming a greener organisation. At Hillmoore Fire this is a goal that we take very seriously – starting with how we get from A to B.

Hillmoore Fire goes hybrid

One of the multiple steps that we have taken as a business to move towards a greener infrastructure is reassessing the transport that we use. Like many other businesses we need access to cars to fulfill the obligations that we have to customers and this has always created a difficulty when it comes to environmental impact. The solution? We now have two plug-in hybrid vehicles – a BMW 530e and a BMW X5 – and we’re using these instead of the petrol-guzzling cars that do so much environmental damage.

The benefits of the hybrid for business

In trying to be more proactive about green strategy for our business we have been looking at the benefits of moving away from purely petrol cars. Hybrid vehicles are an ingenious invention. They do still have a fuel consuming engine but this is combined with an electric motor. The presence of the electric component means that hybrid cars emit significantly less CO2 than a full petrol or diesel engine car.

Many hybrids also have a regenerative braking function, which means that every time the brake is applied, the energy produced is fed back into the car’s electric motor. The result is that the car is effectively able to charge itself so that the electric motor can continue to provide propulsion and less emissions-generating fuel is necessary. Hybrid cars make a difference in a number of ways, including:

  • Reducing emissions. Hybrids emit 25 to 35% less in CO2 emissions than regular cars.
  • Fuel efficiency. A hybrid car has an average mileage of 38.7 miles per gallon, compared to a petrol car, which is 26.7 miles per gallon. So, hybrids are considerably more fuel efficient.
  • Construction. Hybrids are built from lighter materials, and have a lighter engine, and so require less fuel to run.

Hybrid cars as a default transport option

At Hillmoore Fire we are continuously looking for new ways to evolve as an organisation and switching to a hybrid transport strategy provides a great way for the business to be more environmentally responsible. The two cars that we’re currently testing are part of a longer term strategy for the business that may enable to use hybrid cars as a default transport option. We may even be able to look into going fully electric in the near future as the range and options for electric vehicles continues to expand.


The integration of more eco vehicles is just one of the ways in which Hillmoore Fire is taking steps to become a greener business.

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