Why do we make waste recycling a priority at Hillmoore Fire?

Eco trends in business are proving to be much more than a passing fad. The need for more responsible business practices and sustainable solutions to every day business needs is now a cross-industry concern. At Hillmoore Fire we are focused on doing everything that we can to integrate the most recent and effective solutions to reduce the environmental impact that we have. One of the ways that we do this is to make waste recycling a priority within the business.

Why is waste recycling so important?

Currently, at Hillmoore Fire, the vast majority of the waste that the business produces is recycled. Achieving this has not been a fast or easy process but it is a move we have prioritised in order to support the business’ vision to be greener. We are not the only company, within our own industry or outside of it, to be placing issues such as this much higher up the agenda. Today, an increasing number of enterprises focus on waste recycling as a top priority alongside other operational matters. But why is it so important?

Waste recycling helps to reduce greenhouse gases

Whenever items are not recycled they end up in landfill. Currently, around 3% of the total emissions of greenhouse gases that are generated in the UK are the result of methane from landfill sites.

Less landfill means a smaller bill for businesses

There are financial incentives for recycling – for example, landfill costs more than £80 a tonne in tax, and that’s before you factor in the site fees that businesses also have to pay. This may be one of the reasons why the volume of commercial and industrial waste in the UK fell by more than 5 million tonnes in just two years between 2012 and 2014.

A robust waste strategy leads to better operational management

Businesses that are not in control of waste management may simply have no idea of how wasteful operations really are and no way to make them more efficient. Establishing a waste strategy starts with collecting data on how waste is managed in the business and then identifying ways that this could be better dealt with in order to save resources and the environment. This is an essential process, not just in terms of improving green credentials but also for ensuring operational transparency when it comes to waste management.

Zero waste to landfill

Many businesses today claim to be achieving “zero waste to landfill” – but what does this actually mean? The most common interpretation is that 99% of the waste that is being generated by the business is being diverted away from landfill. At Hillmoore Fire we believe that this should be a target for every enterprise today, no matter what the sector. It’s why we have made such a commitment to recycling when it comes to waste management.

We believe in taking steps to help protect the future of the planet and to be a more environmentally responsible business.


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