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Passive Fire Protection materials installed correctly reinstate the integrity of the compartment line, and ensure a fire is contained at the point of origin, preventing the passage of smoke and flame for the required period of time.

When combined with effective Active Fire Protection systems that include Detection, Alarm, Suppression and Venting, it can facilitate the safe evacuation of building occupants, allow safe entry into the building for emergency services and protect building structure and assets alike.

Fire Doors

Fire Doors form a fundamental part of a buildings passive fire protection system.

They should be manufactured and tested to a recognised standard, and then installed and maintained in accordance with that standard.

Hillmoore Fire can supply, install and maintain Timber and Metal Fire Rated Door Sets from 30 minutes to 2 hour integrity.


A high impact metal faced cement core board system, that can provide up to 4 hours fire resistance, including blast protection for a variety of applications.

Hillmoore Fire are a licensed Promat Durasteel installer.

Hillmoore offer a full design and structural calculation service for Durasteel projects through approved third party specialists.

Compartmentation Surveys

Hillmoore Fire offer a full survey and report service.

Fire Door Surveys

Hillmoore Fire provide a Fire Door Inspection and Report Service.

Cavity Barriers

Cavity barriers are required to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through concealed cavities within wall, floor and ceiling constructions.

Continuing Professional Development

Hillmoore Fire provide a range of CPD’s focusing on Passive Fire Protection Compliance, which can be tailored to suit your needs or project.

Compliance First is a service and standard offered exclusively by Hillmoore Fire.

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