Compliance First

COMPLIANCE FIRST is both a Standard and a Service offered exclusively by Hillmoore Fire Protection.

Specialist Passive Fire Protection Installers for the Built Environment, providing clarity and assistance in understanding the role of Passive Fire Protection in modern building construction.

Construction can be unique in scope, but passive fire protection compliance is systematically applied to each project. We seek early engagement in the design phase so that any potential issues can be identified early on to mitigate architectural design changes after construction commences.

Appointment of a single passive fire protection specialist provides full compliance and single certification. Many construction companies include elements of passive fire protection within other trades work packages. These other trades are not third party accredited and cannot provide certification of compliance for materials supplied or installed;

Soil vent pipe wraps or collars from Plumbers work package

Putty pads from Electricians package

Cavity wall barriers or head of wall infill from Bricklayers package

Linear intumescent mastic work from Dryliners package.

An exercise has been completed within the Construction Industry, which clearly demonstrates that by appointing a single specialist, full project compliance can be achieved on time and to budget, eliminating any completion, handover or legacy issues.

By engaging with a recognised industry specialist such as Hillmoore Fire, we can ensure your projects are delivered right first time with Compliance First.

Our Continuing Professional Development packages provide an introduction to Passive Fire Protection Compliance, which demonstrate the typical problems and false economies that are applied on projects. This can lead to completion and handover delays, along with legacy issues that can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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